We had known Emily personally for several years before we had the exquisite opportunity to take advantage of her professional services.

Excellent & Calm

Emily is an excellent agent who works diligently to understand her clients' needs, hopes, dreams, and desires while searching for a home that checks as many boxes as possible. She respects her clients' budget and never pushes them beyond their maximum purchase price. She puts her all into helping her buyers cope with a challenging market and always adds a sense of calm to an experience that can sometimes feel frustrating and overwhelming.


Emily has a truly beautiful perspective about the process and invites her clients to adopt the outlook that the right house is waiting and all will fall into place when it's "meant to be". "Trust the process" are words Emily kindly and gently uses to help maintain a positive perspective. When we finally put in an offer that was accepted, we realized she was absolutely right! Ultimately, we found the perfect house for us and are so happy the previous three homes we made offers on were declined.